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ACF or acf may refer to:
ACF Fiorentina, commonly referred to as simply Fiorentina [fjorenˈtiːna], is a professional Italian football club from Florence, Tuscany.
These are the matches of Fiorentina playing in Europe.
ACF Fiorentina Primavera are the under-19 team of Italian professional football club ACF Fiorentina. The club currently plays in Group A of the Campionato Nazionale Primavera.
The ACF River Basin is the drainage basin, or watershed, of the A Apalachicola River, C Chattahoochee River, and F Flint River, in the Southeastern United States.
Acfred II (sometimes Alfred) (died 933) was the co-governor of the County of Carcassonne and Razès from 906 to 908 and then count in his own right until his death.
Torino Calcio Femminile Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica, a.k.a. Associazione Calcio Femminile Torino, is an Italian football team from Torino competing in Serie A.
AcFun is a Chinese video sharing site which began as an ACG themed video sharing site based on Sina Video created in June 2007. Later in 2008 the site relaunched with a Niconico-style player.
Associazione Calcio Femminile Milan, not to be mistaken with ACF Milan 82, is a former Italian women's football club from Milan, currently competing in Serie A2.

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