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ADH may refer to:
Adhesive may be used interchangeably with glue, cement, mucilage, or paste, and is any substance applied to one surface, or both surfaces, of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation.
The adhan (Arabic: أَذَان‎‎ [ʔaˈðaːn]), (or azan as pronounced in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, and Turkmenistan, ezan in Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, azon in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and baang in some regions of Pakistan, India, and Aceh, Indonesia) is the Islamic call to worship, recited by the muezzin at prescribed times of the day.
Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam (English: That was a period of dream) is a 2005 Tamil drama film written and directed by Balu Mahendra.
Adhyapak Abdul Majid College in Ramchandrapur, Muradnagar Upazila, Comilla, is a college in Bangladesh.
Adhesion is the tendency of dissimilar particles or surfaces to cling to one another (cohesion refers to the tendency of similar or identical particles/surfaces to cling to one another).
Adhesions are fibrous bands that form between tissues and organs, often as a result of injury during surgery.
Adhuri Hamari Kahani (English: Our story is incomplete) is an Indian television series, which premiered on 16 November 2015 and airs Monday through Friday evenings on And TV (& TV).
Adhesive capsulitis (also known as frozen shoulder) is a painful and disabling disorder of unclear cause in which the shoulder capsule, the connective tissue surrounding the glenohumeral joint of the shoulder, becomes inflamed and stiff, greatly restricting motion and causing chronic pain.
Adhemarius mexicanus is a species of moth in the family Sphingidae. It was described by Balcázar-Lara and Beutelspacher, in 2001, and is known from Mexico, where it is found from Oaxaca to Jalisco.

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