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ADN may refer to:
Adnan Sami Khan is an Indian singer, musician, music composer, pianist and actor. He performs Indian and western music, specially for Hindi movies.
Adnan Oktar (born 2 February 1956), also known as Harun Yahya, is a Turkish author as well as an Islamic creationist.
Adnan Khashoggi (Arabic: عدنان خاشقجي‎‎; born 25 July 1935) is a Saudi Arabian businessman. At a peak net worth of up to 10 billion USD in the early 1980s, he was considered one of the richest men in the world.
Adnan Malik (Urdu: عدنان ملک‎, born June 9, 1984) is a Pakistani television actor, model, documentary filmmaker, video and music video producer, commercial and music video director, Visual storyteller and former VJ.
Adnan Farhan Abdul Latif (December 27, 1975 – September 8, 2012), also known as Allal Ab Aljallil Abd al Rahman, was a Yemeni citizen imprisoned at the U.S.
Adnan bin Saidi (1915 – 14 February 1942) was a Malayan soldier of the 1st Infantry Brigade who fought the Japanese during the Battle of Singapore in February 1942. He is regarded as a national hero in Malaysia and Singapore for his actions at Bukit Chandu.
Adnan Menderes (Turkish: [adˈnan mendeˈɾes]; 1899 – 17 September 1961) or Ali Adnan Ertekin Menderes was the Turkish Prime Minister between 1950–1960. He was one of the founders of the Democrat Party (DP) in 1946, the fourth legal opposition party of Turkey.
Adnan Farooq Ahmed (Urdu: عدنان فاروق احمد; born 7 June 1984) is a Pakistan international footballer.
Adnams is a regional brewery founded in 1872 in Southwold, Suffolk, England, by George and Ernest Adnams.

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