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AEM or A.E.M. may refer to:
The gens Aemilia, originally written Aimilia, was one of the most ancient patrician houses at Rome. The family was said to have originated in the reign of Numa Pompilius, the second King of Rome, and its members held the highest offices of the state, from the early decades of the Republic to imperial times.
Aemilianus (Latin: Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus Augustus; c. 207/213 – 253), also known as Aemilian, was Roman Emperor for three months in 253.
Aemilia Tertia, also known as Aemilia Paulla (c. 230–163 or 162 BC), was the wife of the Roman consul and censor Scipio Africanus.
In computing, Aemulor is a emulator of the earlier 26-bit addressing-mode ARM microprocessors which runs on ARM processors under 32-bit addressing-mode versions of RISC OS.
Aemilius Papinianus (Greek: Αιμίλιος Παπινιανός) (142–212), also known as Papinian, was a celebrated Roman jurist, magister libellorum, attorney general (advocatus fisci) and, after the death of Gaius Fulvius Plautianus in 205, praetorian prefect.
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician - Critical Care (EMT-CC) is an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) certification unique to New York.
Aemilia Lepida is the name of several ancient Roman women belonging to the gens Aemilia. The name was given to daughters of men belonging to the Lepidus branch of the Aemilius family.
Edward Aemilius Jarvis (April 25, 1860 – December 19, 1940) was a successful Canadian financier, celebrated equestrian, and champion sailor.
AEM, alpha-ethylmescaline, or 3,4,5-trimethoxy-alpha-ethylphenethylamine, is a lesser-known psychedelic drug.

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