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AFE or Afe may refer to:
Afeez Oyetoro (born August 20, 1963) is a Nigerian comic actor, popularly known as "Saka".
Alice Faye Williams (January 10, 1947 – May 2, 2016), better known as Afeni Shakur, was an American political activist, Black Panther, and music businesswoman.
Afenginn, which means intoxication and strength in old norse, is a contemporary folk/world music band formed in Copenhagen in 2002.
Afektiven Naboj (Macedonian: Афективен Набој) was one of the two punk rock bands (the other being Filter) formed in 1979 by guitar player Klime Kovaceski and Goran Trajkoski, now an eminent musician from Republic of Macedonia, who rose to international prominence as a frontman of the group Anastasia featured on the soundtrack album for the Academy Award nominated Milčo Mančevski's film Before the Rain.
Afek Tounes (Arabic: آفاق تونس‎‎, or Tunisian Horizons) is a centre-right political party in Tunisia. Its program is liberal, focusing on secularism and civil liberties.
The Afemai people, also spelled Afenmai are a group of people living in the northern part of Edo State south geopolitical zone of Nigeria.
Afäwarq Gäbrä Iyäsus (Amharic: አፈ ፡ ወርቅ ፡ ገብረ ፡ ኢየሱስ?; misspelled in Italian: Afevork Ghevre-Jesus or Āfeworq Gebre Īyesūs; misspelled in English Afewark Gebre Iyasus; July 10, 1868 – September 25, 1947) was an Ethiopian writer, who wrote the first novel in Amharic, Ləbb Wälläd Tarik (A Heart [better “Intellect”]-born Story), (Italian: Libb Wolled Tarik).
Aferim! (English: Bravo!) is a 2015 Romanian drama film directed by Radu Jude. It was screened in the main competition section of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival where Radu Jude won the Silver Bear for Best Director.
Afegostat (INN; also known as isofagomine; planned trade name Plicera) was an experimental drug for the treatment of certain forms of Gaucher's disease, that was being developed by Amicus Therapeutics and Shire plc until a failed clinical trial in 2009 led to termination of its development.

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