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AFG may refer to:
Afghanistan /æfˈɡænᵻstæn/ (Pashto/Dari: افغانستان, Afġānistān), officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia.
This article is about Afghan immigrants in Pakistan. Not to be confused with the Pashtuns of Pakistan.
The Afghanistan national cricket team is the team that represents the country of Afghanistan in international cricket matches.
The Afghan National Army (ANA) is the main branch of the Afghan Armed Forces, responsible for ground warfare.
The Afghan War documents leak, also called the Afghan War Diary, is the disclosure of a collection of internal U.S.
The 1992 to 1996 phase of the conflict in Afghanistan (1978–present) began after the resignation of the communist President Mohammad Najibullah.
The Afghanistan National Football Team (Dari:تیم ملی فوتبال افغانستان), also known as the Lions of Khurasan, is the national football team of Afghanistan and is controlled by the Afghanistan Football Federation.
The Afghan Civil War fought between 1996 and 2001 was part of the wider War in Afghanistan ongoing since 1978. In 1996 the Taliban captured the Afghan capital Kabul and established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
The Afghan Air Force (AAF; Pashto: دافغانستان هوائی ځواک ; Dari: قوای هوائی افغانستان), formerly the Afghan National Army Air Corps, is a branch of the military of Afghanistan that is responsible for air defense and air warfare.

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