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AFL may refer to:
The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO) is a national trade union center and the largest federation of unions in the United States.
The AFL Grand Final is an annual Australian rules football match, traditionally held on the final Saturday in September or the first Saturday in October at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia, to determine the Australian Football League (AFL) premiership champions for that year.
The AFL Players Association (AFLPA, also referred to as simply AFL Players) is the representative body for all current and past professional Australian Football League players.
The AFL siren controversy (dubbed Sirengate) surrounded the conclusion and result of an Australian rules football match played on 30 April 2006 during Round 5 of the Australian Football League's 2006 season.
Aflac Inc. /ˈæflæk/ (American Family Life Assurance Company) is an American insurance company and is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States, founded in 1955 and based in Columbus, Georgia.
Aflatoxins are poisonous and cancer-causing chemicals that are produced by certain molds (Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus) which grow in soil, decaying vegetation, hay, and grains.
Afleet Alex (born May 9, 2002 in Florida) is an American thoroughbred race horse who, in 2005, won two of America's classic races, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.
AFL Capricornia is an amateur Australian Rules Football competition played across Central Queensland between the months of March to September, which are the cooler months of the Queensland climate.
From 2007 until 2009 the Australian Football League produced the AFL Army Award to recognise players who produced significant acts of bravery or selflessness to promote the cause of their team during a game.

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