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AFS is an acronym that may refer to:
The Afsharids (Persian: افشاریان‎‎) were members of an Iranian dynasty which originated from the Turkic Afshar tribe in Iran's north-eastern province of Khorasan, ruling Persia in the mid-eighteenth century.
AFS Intercultural Programs (or AFS, originally the American Field Service) is an international youth exchange organization.
Afshar is a handwoven rug style produced by the Turkic Afshar tribe, a semi-nomadic group principally located in the mountainous areas surrounding the modern region of Iranian Azerbaijan.
Syed Afsar Madad Naqvi (Urdu: سید افسر مدد نقوی‎; 10 August 1933 – 11 January 1997), was one of the twentieth century's great sculptors.
Afshar or Afshari, also known as "Afshar Azerbaijani" is a Turkic language spoken in Turkey, Iran, Syria, and parts of Afghanistan by the Afshar people.
Afshin Ghotbi (Persian: افشین قطبی‎‎, born 8 February 1964 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian American football coach.
The Afshar experiment is an optics experiment, devised and carried out by Shahriar Afshar at Harvard University in 2004, which is a variation of the double slit experiment in quantum mechanics.
Afshar (Persian: افشار‎‎, also Romanized as Afshār; also known as Afshāi and Avshār) is a village in Daran Rural District, in the Central District of Jolfa County, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.
AFSCME Council 31 is the Illinois state chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), a union for public sector workers.

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