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Afurong (阿富荣), also known as yapian and sometimes apian, is a Traditional Chinese Medicinal ingredient that consists of the liquid of the flower of the opium poppy.
Afula (Hebrew: עֲפוּלָה‎, Arabic: العفولة‎‎) is a city in the Northern District of Israel, often known as the "Capital of the Valley" due to its strategic location in the Jezreel Valley.
Afurcagobius is a small genus of gobies endemic to Australia.
"Afuresō na Ai, Daite/Namida o Fuite" (あふれそうな愛、抱いて/涙をふいて, lit. "Holding Back My Love from Overflowing/Wipe Your Tears") is the ninth single by Japanese recording artist Aya Ueto.
The Afulilo Dam is a gravity dam on the Afulilo River about 3 km (1.9 mi) south of Ta'elefaga in the district of Va'a-o-Fonoti on Upolu island of Samoa.
The Afula bus suicide bombing was the suicide bombing attack that was carried out on April 6, 1994 at a bus next to an Egged bus in the center of Afula, Israel.
Aaron Phillip (born January 31, 1974), better known by his stage name Afu-Ra, is a New York-based American underground rapper.
Afucosylated monoclonal antibodies are monoclonal antibodies engineered so that the oligosaccharides in the Fc region of the antibody do not have any fucose sugar units.
Afua's Diary is a 2015 romantic drama-comedy, written and produced by Bibi Owusu Shadbolt and directed by Ben Owusu.
The Afula axe attack was a Palestinian militant attack which occurred on November 30, 1994 in northern town of Afula when a lone Palestinian assailant attacked a 19-year-old female Israeli soldier who was on her way home from the artillery base in which served in the downtown area of the town, near the town's police station.

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