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The meaning of «afz»

Mohammad Afzal Guru (30 June 1969 – 9 February 2013) was a Kashmiri separatist, who was convicted for his role in the 2001 Indian Parliament attack.
Afzal Khan (died 10 November 1659) was a medieval Indian commander who served the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur, and fought against Shivaji.
Afzal Kahn is a British automotive designer.
Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir, (Urdu:محمد افضل طاهر; b. 4 January 1949); LH, NI(M), HI(M), SI(M), is a retired four-star rank admiral, writer, and the military historian currently serving in the faculty at the Naval War College of Pakistan Navy.
Mohammed Afzal Khan CBE MEP (Urdu: محمد افضل خان‎; born 5 April 1958) is a Labour politician who serves as a Member of the European Parliament.
Afzal Hossain (born 19 July 1954) is a Bangladeshi actor, director, writer and painter.
Vice-Admiral Afzal Akram Rahman Khan (Urdu: افضل رحمان خان; born: 1921— 2005; popularly known as Admiral A. R.
Afzal Raza Amin was a British Conservative Party aspirant politician and former prospective parliamentary candidate for Dudley North constituency for the 2015 general election until his resignation over claims of conspiring with the involvement of the English Defence League.
Afzelechin is a flavan-3-ol, a type of flavonoid. It can be found in Bergenia ligulata (a.k.a. Paashaanbhed in Ayurveda traditional Indian medicine).
Afzal Khan (Urdu: افضل خان) better known as John Rambo (Urdu: جان ريمبو) is a Pakistani actor and comedian.

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