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AIP may refer to:
Aiphanes is a genus of spiny palms which is native to tropical regions of South and Central America and the Caribbean.
AIPC Magazine is a quarterly Italian-language periodical and the official publication of Associazione Italiana Piante Carnivore (AIPC), a carnivorous plant society based in Italy.
Aiphanes acaulis is a spiny palm endemic to western Colombia. it is acaulescent, as the specific epithet "acaulis" implies, – that is, the stem is short to the extent that it is difficult to see at all, and mostly subterranean.
Aiphanes minima is a spiny palm tree which is native to the insular Caribbean from Hispaniola to Grenada, and widely cultivated elsewhere.
Aipysurus duboisii, also known as the Dubois' sea snake or reef shallows sea snake, is a species of venomous sea snake.
Aipy (Ancient Greek: Αἶπυ) was an ancient city in Elis, Greece. It was one of the oldest towns in Elis, mentioned by Homer.
Aipe is a town and municipality in the Huila Department, Colombia.
Aiphanes horrida is a palm native to northern South America and Trinidad and Tobago. Aiphanes horrida is a solitary, spiny tree.
The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH / IAHP) is an international organisation dedicated to promoting horticultural producers and held the international garden / flora festivals or expositions worldwide.

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