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The meaning of «ajd»

AJD is a three-letter acronym that can refer to:
Ayşe Ajda Pekkan (Turkish pronunciation: [aʒˌda pe̞kˈkan]; 12 February 1946, Istanbul, Turkey), also known as Superstar, is a Turkish pop singer and actress.
Ajdabiya /ˌɑːdʒdəˈbiːə/ (Arabic: أجدابيا‎‎ Ağdābiyā, Italian: Agedábia), previously known as Agedabia or Ajdabya, is a town in and capital of the Al Wahat District in northeastern Libya.
Ajde Jano (Serbian Cyrillic: 'Ајде Јано) is a famous Serbian folk song. It originates from the 19th century.
Ajdovščina (pronounced [ˈaːi̯dɔu̯ʃtʃina]; Italian: Aidussina, German: Haidenschaft) is a small town with a population of about 6,700, located in the Vipava Valley (Vipavska dolina), Slovenia.
Ajdal (2 April 1984 – August 1988) was an American-bred, British-trained Thoroughbred racehorse and sire.
Ajdar Ismailov (full name: Ajdar Tagi Ismailov; b. April 23, 1938, Chomakhtur, Sherur raion, Nakhchivan ASSR, Azerbaijan SSR, USSR), Professor Doctor of philological sciences, one of the 91st, one of the most active founders of New Azerbaijan Party.
Ajdar better known as Ajdar Anık, the World Hyper Star (born in Mardin, Turkey on 10 February 1973) is a Kurdish origin mechanical engineer from Turkey who is also a singer and songwriter.
"'Ajde, kroči" (Cyrillic: 'Ајде, крочи, English translation: "Come on, step in") is the title of the Montenegrin entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. It was sung by Stevan Faddy and selected by televoting in the Montenegrin national final MontenegroSong 2007, where it received 4,749 votes.
Ajdin Maksumić (born 24 July 1985) is a Bosnian footballer who plays for FK Igman Konjic.

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