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Ajla Tomljanović (born 7 May 1993) is a Croatian-Australian professional tennis player.
Ajlan & Brothers is a Saudi company one of the leading international corporations operating in the field of manufacturing classic menswear in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf area, in addition to the readymade cloths and winter clothes.
Ajloun (Arabic: عجلون‎‎, ‘Ajlūn), also spelled Ajlun, is the capital town of the Ajloun Governorate, a hilly town in the north of Jordan, located 76 kilometers (around 47 miles) north west of Amman.
Ajloun Governorate (alternative spelling Ajlun Governorate) (Arabic: محافظة عجلون‎‎) is one of the governorates of Jordan, located north of Amman the capital of Jordan.
Ajloun Castle (Arabic: قلعة عجلون‎‎; transliterated: Qal'at 'Ajloun), also known as (Arabic: قلعة الربض‎‎; transliterated: Qa'lat ar-Rabad), is a 12th-century Muslim castle situated in northwestern Jordan.
The Ajloun Forest Reserve is a nature reserve located in the Ajloun Governorate in north-west Jordan. Established by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature in 1988 in the area around the village of Umm Al-Yanabi, it comprises an area of 13 square kilometres (5 sq mi).
Ajla Hodžić (born 25 January 1980 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, presently in Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a Bosnian actress.
Ajloun National University (ANU) is located in Ajloun, Jordan. Founded in 2008.
Ajla is a feminine given name of found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, which means "moonlight".
Ajloun Baptist School (Arabic: المدرسة المعمدانية - عجلون) is a private, co-educational school based in Jordan.

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