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AJS was the name used for cars and motorcycles made by the Wolverhampton, England, company A. J. Stevens & Co.
The AJS 500 cc Porcupine was a racing motorcycle announced in 1945.
Ajs Nigrutin (born Vladan Aksentijević, Serbian Cyrillic: Владан Аксентијевић, on 12 August 1977 in Belgrade, Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia) is a Serbian rapper.
The AJS 7R was a British 350 cc racing motorcycle built from 1948 to 1963 by Associated Motor Cycles. It was also commonly known as the ‘Boy Racer’, and won victories both for the factory and for privateers right from its introduction in 1948.
The AJS Model 16 was a British motorcycle made by Associated Motorcycles at the former Matchless works in Plumstead, London.
Ajsel Kujović (Cyrillic: Ајсел Кујовић; born 1 March 1986 in Bijelo Polje, SR Montenegro, Yugoslavia) is a Swedish footballer of Montenegrin and Bosniak descent, who currently plays as a forward for Varbergs BoIS.
The AJS V4 (1935 – 1939) started out as a prototype air-cooled V4 road bike, but became a water-cooled and supercharged racing bike.
The Association des Jeunes pour la Sensibilisation et la Solidarite (AJSS) is a Senegalese organization whose stated aims are to help young Senegalese away from poverty, criminality and emigration.
The AJS Model D is a British motorcycle made by A. J. Stevens & Co. Ltd in Wolverhampton between 1912 and 1925. With production halted by the First World War AJS managed to develop the Model D into a popular sidecar machine and it was eventually replaced by the larger capacity AJS Model E.
The AJS 500cc Model 18 and AJS Model 18S are 500 cc British motorcycles almost identical to the Matchless G80 and both were produced in the same Associated Motor Cycles (AMC) London factory from 1945 to 1966. These bikes represent the end of the era of big British singles, as when AMC merged with Norton production concentrated on twins.

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