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AKJ can refer to:
Akjoujt (Arabic: أكجوجت) is a small city in western Mauritania. It is the capital of Inchiri region."Akjoujt" (ɑk'ʤuʤt) means 'wells'.
Archbishop Kavukatt Jubilee Memorial School or AKJM Public School is in India, providing both elementary and secondary education.
Akja Täjiýewna Nurberdiýewa (born 1957) is a Turkmen politician and current Chairman of the Assembly of Turkmenistan, in office since 2006.
Akjoujt Airport (IATA: AJJ , ICAO: GQNJ ) is an airport serving the town of Akjoujt in Mauritania. A second runway (03/21) is centerline marked, but has structures built on it.
The American King James Version is a new English edition of the Holy Bible by Michael Peter (Stone) Engelbrite, based on the King James Version.
Ak Jol (Kyrgyz: Ак жол, [ɑqdʒol], meaning "White Path") is a Kyrgyz political party founded by President Kurmanbek Bakiyev on 15 October 2007 to contest the parliamentary election to be held in December 2007.
Burkhanism or Ak Jang (Altai: Ак јаҥ) is a new religious movement that flourished among the indigenous people of Russia's Gorno Altai region (okrug) between 1904 and the 1930s.
Ak-Jol is a village in Jalal-Abad Region of Kyrgyzstan. Its population was 2,180 in 2009.
Dr. Ahmad Khan Jamil (Urdu/Pashto: احمد خان جمیل‎; born 12 May 1939) is a Pakistani anaesthetist who is credited for inventing a non-kink catheter mount used in anaesthesia, an improvement of conventional catheters.

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