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AKK is a three-letter abbreviation that may refer to:
Akkadian (/əˈkeɪdiən/ akkadû, 𒀝𒅗𒁺𒌑 ak-ka-du-u2; logogram: 𒌵𒆠 URIKI ) is an extinct East Semitic language (part of the greater Afroasiatic language family) that was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia.
The Akkadian Empire /əˈkeɪdiən/ was the first ancient Semitic-speaking empire of Mesopotamia, centered in the city of Akkad /ˈækæd/ and its surrounding region, also called Akkad in ancient Mesopotamia and Accad in the Bible (Genesis 10:10).
Akkineni Nagarjuna (born 29 August 1959) is an Indian film actor, producer and television presenter who works primarily in Telugu cinema and television.
Akademski Košarkarski Klub Branik Maribor (English: Academic Basketball Club Branik Maribor), commonly referred to as AKK Branik Maribor or simply Branik, is a basketball team based in Maribor, Slovenia.
Akkur, Ramanagaram is a village in the southern state of Karnataka, India. It is located in the Ramanagaram taluk of Bangalore Rural district.
Akkineni Nageswara Rao (20 September 1924 – 22 January 2014), widely known as ANR, was an Indian film actor and producer, known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema.
Akkadevi (ಆಕ್ಕದೀವಿ in Kannada, also Akkādēvi, Akkā-dēvi), 1010-1064 CE was a princess of the Chalukya dynasty of Karnataka and governor of an area known as Kishukādu, situated in the present day districts of Bidar, Bagalkot and Bijapur.
Akkoyun (a Turkish word meaning "white sheep") may refer to:
Akkuş is a town and a district of Ordu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. According to the 2000 census, population of the district is 49,799 of which 8,768 live in the town of Akkuş.

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