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Ako or AKO may refer to:
Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam (born April 16, 1973), better known as Akon (pronounced /ˈeɪkɒn/), is a Senegalese American singer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, record producer and actor.
Akola is a city in Vidarbha region in the state of Maharashtra in central India. It is about 290 miles(580 km) east of state capital Mumbai and 140 miles(250 km) west of second capital Nagpur.
The discography of Akon, a Senegalese American singer, songwriter, rapper and music producer, consists of three studio albums, four mixtapes, one hundred and six singles (including seventy-nine as a featured artist), four promotional singles and ninety-two music videos.
The Akosombo Dam, also known as the Volta Dam, is a hydroelectric dam on the Volta River in southeastern Ghana in the Akosombo gorge and part of the Volta River Authority.
Akola Bazar is a small town in Yavatmal district. It is also called the Akola Bazar because of the weekly market (Aathwadi Bazar) that is held on every Friday.
Akodon affinis, also known as the Colombian grass mouse or Cordillera Occidental akodont, is a species of rodent in the family Cricetidae.
The following is a discography of production by R&B/Hip-hop singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer Akon.
The Akola - Kacheguda Intercity Express is an Express train of South Central Railway Zone, which runs between the cities of Akola, the major Industrial & agricultural city of Maharashtra and Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, India.
Akonangui Fútbol Club is an Equatoguinean football club based in the city of Ebebiyín.

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