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AKP may refer to:
Idoro Akpoeyere Ujoma "Akpo" Sodje (born 31 January 1980) is an English former footballer of Nigerian heritage.
Akpabio is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Akpro-Missérété is a city, arrondissement, and commune in Ouémé Department, Benin. The commune covers an area of 79 square kilometres and as of 2002 had a population of 72,652 people.
Akpante is a village in the Doufelgou Prefecture in the Kara Region of north-eastern Togo.
Akpan Hogan Ekpo (born 26 June 1954) is a Nigerian economist and professor. He is currently the Director General of the West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management (WAIFEM) in Lagos, Nigeria.
Akpınar is a village in the District of Nazilli, Aydın Province, Turkey. As of 2010, it had a population of 248 people.
Jephthah Bowoto, popularly known and referred to as Akpororo, is a Nigerian stand-up comedian, vocalist and actor.
Akpan Okon was the last Obong (king) of Obong Okon Ita around 1690-1720. He was overthrown by his brother Kakpokpo Okon with the support of groups such as the Eze Agwu, Nnachi Ipia, and the Nnubi dynasty in the final phases of the Aro-Ibibio Wars.
Akpap or Akpap-Okoyong is a village in the Okoyong area of Cross River State, Nigeria and is part of the Odukpani Local Government Area.

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