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Akyaka may refer to several places:
Akyürek is a Turkish surname meaning "white heart". Notable people with the surname include:
Akysis bilustris is a species of catfish belonging to the family Akysidae (the stream catfishes), known only from two geographically proximate localities in the Xe Kong drainage, a major subdrainage of the Mekong River, in Laos and Cambodia.
Akyar (Russian: Акъяр) is the name of several rural localities in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia:
The Akyem are an Akan people. The term Akyem (Akim or Aki) is used to describe a group of three states: Akyem Abuakwa, Akyem Kotoku and Akyem Bosome.
Akysis recavus is a species of fish in the family Akysidae, the stream catfishes. It is native to Thailand, where it occurs in the Chao Phraya River.
Akyatan Lagoon is a 14700-hectare wetland ecosystem that is designated as Wetland of International Importance by Ramsar Convention.
Akyurt, formerly Ravlı, is a district of Ankara Province of Turkey. According to 2010 census, population of the district is 26,006 of which 25,353 live in the urban center of Akyurt.
Akysis pulvinatus is a species of stream catfish. It is only known from the western half of the Kra Isthmus (i.e.
Akysis is the largest genus of catfishes (order Siluriformes) of the family Akysidae.

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