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Brigadier Amjad Ali Khan Chaudhry HJ (9 January 1917 Poonch - 5 December 1990 Lahore) was a Pakistani one star General who distinguished himself in the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war.
Amjad Kalaf Mansour Al-Muntafiq (Arabic: امجد كلف منصور المنتفق‎‎, born October 5, 1991 in Kut, Iraq) is an Iraqi footballer.
Amjad Zia (born in Sialkot Cantt) is a field hockey player from USA of Pakistan origin, who start playing at the age of twelve.
Malik Amjad Ali Noon, born on 17 June 1954 in Lahore province Punjab, is a Pakistani politician.
Amjad Zakaria Khan (12 November 1940 – 27 July 1992) was an Indian actor and director. He worked in over 130 films in a career spanning nearly twenty years.
Amjad Parvez (Urdu: امجد پرویز‎) (born 28 March 1945) is an educationist, engineer and he is also writer, singer and musician.
Amjad Ali Khan (IAST: Amjad Alī Khān, Devanagari: अमजद अली ख़ान) (born 9 October 1945) is an Indian classical musician who plays the Sarod.
Amjad Farid (Fareed) Sabri (23 December 1976 – 22 June 2016) was a Pakistani singer and a proponent of the Sufi Muslim tradition.
Dr. Amjad Mohammed Khan (born March 4, 1970), a former anesthesiologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital, was sought for questioning by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Amjhira is a village in the Bhopal district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is located in the Huzur tehsil and the Phanda block.

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