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AQA may refer to or stand for:
Aqaba (English pronunciation: /ˈækəbə/; Arabic: العقبة‎‎) is the only coastal city in Jordan and the largest and most populous city on the Gulf of Aqaba.
Aqabah (Arabic: العقبة‎‎, and also called Al Aqabah, Aqaba, or Al Aqaba) is a Palestinian village in the northeastern West Bank, which is being targeted for demolition by the Israeli Civil Administration (the IDF agency responsible for controlling the West Bank).
The AQA Anthology is a collection of poems and short texts which are studied in English schools for GCSE English and English Literature, produced by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (the AQA).
Aqaarid (foaled 14 January 1992) was an American-bred British-trained Thoroughbred racehorse and broodmare who was the beaten favourite in two of the five British Classic Races.
Aqaba (Arabic: العقبة al-ʻAqabah‎‎) is one of the governorates of Jordan, located south of Amman, capital of Jordan.
The Aqaba Flagpole in Aqaba, Jordan is the 6th tallest free standing flagpole in the world at a height of 130 metres (430 ft), after the 170 m (558 ft) Jeddah Flagpole, 165 m (541 ft) Dushanbe Flagpole, 162 m (531 ft) National Flagpole, 160 m (525 ft) Panmunjeom flagpole and 133 m (436 ft) Ashgabat Flagpole.
Aqaba Church is a historic 3rd-century church located in Aqaba, Jordan. It was unearthed in 1998 by a group of archaeologists and is considered to be the world's oldest-known purpose-built Christian church.
The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) is the financially and administratively autonomous institution responsible for the management, regulation, and the development of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ).
The Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs (AQAS) is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated for the accreditation of higher education institutions in Germany.

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