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Muhammad Aqhari bin Abdullah (born 9 July 1991) is a Singaporean footballer who plays as a midfielder for LionsXII in the Malaysia Super League.
An air quality index (AQI) is a number used by government agencies to communicate to the public how polluted the air currently is or how polluted it is forecast to become.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters is a 2007 American adult Flash-animated surreal comedy film based on the Adult Swim animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
AQH Share is a statistic that measures broadcast radio listenership.
A number of trigraphs are found in the Latin script, most of these used especially in Irish orthography.
Aqhuya Aqhuyani (Aymara aqhuya faint, dull, disfigured, tear stained, -ni a suffix to indicate ownership, also spelled Ako Akoani, Akoa Akoani) is a 5,164-metre (16,942 ft) high peak in the Cordillera Real in the Andes of Bolivia.
The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), based in Amarillo, Texas, is an international organization dedicated to the preservation, improvement and record-keeping of the American Quarter Horse.
The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum was created by the American Quarter Horse Association, based in Amarillo, Texas.
Ivan Aguéli (born John Gustaf Agelii) (May 24, 1869 - October 1, 1917) also named Sheikh 'Abd al-Hādī 'Aqīlī (Arabic: شيخ عبد الهادی عقیلی‎‎) upon his conversion to Islam, was a Swedish wandering Sufi, painter and author.
Danel /ˈdeɪnəl/ was a culture hero who appears in an incomplete Ugaritic text of the fourteenth century BCE at Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra), Syria, where the name is rendered DN'IL, "El is judge".

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