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AQR may refer to :
Aqraba (Arabic: عقربة‎‎) is a Palestinian town in the Nablus Governorate, located eighteen kilometers southeast of Nablus in the northern West Bank.
AQR Capital Management (Applied Quantitative Research) is a global investment management firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States.
Aqris was an Estonian software development company located in Tallinn, founded in 1999 by Oliver Wihler and Sander Mägi.
Aqrablu (Persian: عقربلو‎‎, also Romanized as ‘Aqrablū) is a village in Mahmudabad Rural District, in the Central District of Shahin Dezh County, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran.
Aqrah (Kurdish Akrê, ئاکرێ; Syriac: ܥܩܪܵܐ‎ ʻAqra, from the Syriac for "barren" in reference to the land) is a city and district officially locaed in Nineveh Governorate but claimed by the Kurdistan Regional Government.
‘Aqrabi (Arabic: عقربي‎‎ ‘Aqrabī), or the Aqrabi Sheikhdom (Arabic: مشيخة العقربي‎‎ Mashyakhat al-‘Aqrabī), was a state in the British Aden Protectorate, the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South, and its successor, the Federation of South Arabia.
Aqrab massacre is a contested event of 10/11 December, 2012, during the Syrian Civil War, in the Alawite sector of the mixed town of Aqrab, Hama Governorate, Syria.
Kara Halil (Turkish: Kara Halil, Arabic: قرة خليل‎, translit. Kārā Hālīl‎) or Aqrab (Arabic: عقرب‎, translit.
Aqra, properly ʿAqra, is a diocese of the Chaldean Church founded in the mid-19th century.

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