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The meaning of «arz»

Arz may refer to:
Arzacq-Arraziguet is a French commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of south-western France.
Arzúa is a comarca in the Galician Province of A Coruña. The overall population of this local region is 18,496 (2005).
Arzu is a feminine Turkish given name, it may refer to:
Arziani is a Georgian surname which may refer to:
The Arzelà–Ascoli theorem is a fundamental result of mathematical analysis giving necessary and sufficient conditions to decide whether every sequence of a given family of real-valued continuous functions defined on a closed and bounded interval has a uniformly convergent subsequence.
Arzanaq (Persian: ارزنق‎‎) is a village in Pain Barzand Rural District, Anguti District, Germi County, Ardabil Province, Iran.
Arzier-Le Muids is a municipality in the district of district of Nyon in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.
Arzens is a French commune in the Aude department in the Occitanie region of southern France.
Arzan Poshteh (Persian: ارزن پشته‎‎, also Romanized as Ārzan Poshteh) is a village in Owshiyan Rural District, Chaboksar District, Rudsar County, Gilan Province, Iran.

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