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AUA may stand for:
The Auatí-Paraná Extractive Reserve (Portuguese: Reserva Extrativista Auatí-Paraná) is an extractive reserve is Amazonas, Brazil.
Auala is a small village on the northwest coast of Savai'i island in Samoa. The village is in the electoral constituency of Vaisigano East which forms part of the larger political district of Vaisigano.
The Auati-Paraná Canal (Portuguese: Canal Auati-Paraná) is a natural canal of Amazonas state in north-western Brazil.
Aua is a village in American Samoa. It is located along American Samoa Highway 001, and is the southern terminus of American Samoa Highway 006.
This is a list of the genera currently recognised in the fly family Tachinidae.
Aua (alternalely Awa, Ava) (circa 1870, Igloolik area - after 1922) was an Inuk angakkuq (medicine man) known for his anthropological input to Greenland anthropologist Knud Rasmussen.
Auaké is a Native South American nation of the Amazonia of Venezuela and Brazil. They were sedentary slash-and-burn farmers, which requires periodic relocation as soil becomes exhausted, and were also hunters, fishers and gatherers.
Auahitūroa is a male Māori deity, personification of comets, and the origin of fire.
The American University of Afghanistan (Dari: دانشگاه امریکایی افغانستان) (AUAF) is Afghanistan’s first private, not-for-profit institution of higher education.

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