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Aug or AUG may refer to:
Augustus (Latin: Imperātor Caesar Dīvī Fīlius Augustus; 23 September 63 BC – 19 August 14 AD) was the founder of the Roman Principate and considered the first Roman emperor, controlling the Roman Empire from 27 BC until his death in AD 14.
Augustine of Hippo (/ɔːˈɡʌstᵻn/; 13 November 354 – 28 August 430) was an early Christian theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy.
Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.
Augusta–Richmond County US /ə.ˈɡʌs.tə/ is a consolidated city-county on the central eastern border of the U.S.
François Auguste René Rodin (12 November 1840 – 17 November 1917), known as Auguste Rodin (/oʊˈɡuːst roʊˈdæn/; French: [oɡyst ʁɔdɛ̃]), was a French sculptor.
Augsburg [German pronunciation: [ˈʔaʊ̯ksbʊʁk]] (Bavarian: Augschburg) is a city in Swabia, Bavaria, Germany.
Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1 March 1812 – 14 September 1852) was an English architect, designer, artist and critic, chiefly remembered for his pioneering role in the Gothic Revival style; his work culminated in the interior design of the Palace of Westminster.
Augusta National Golf Club, located in Augusta, Georgia, is one of the most famous golf clubs in the world.
Baron Augustin-Louis Cauchy FRS FRSE (French: [oɡystɛ̃ lwi koʃi]; 21 August 1789 – 23 May 1857) was a French mathematician reputed as a pioneer of analysis.

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