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AVT may refer to:
AvtoVAZ (Russian: АвтоВАЗ) is the Russian automobile manufacturer formerly known as VAZ: Volzhsky Avtomobilny Zavod (ВАЗ, Во́лжский автомоби́льный заво́д, or Volga Automobile Plant), but better known to the world under the trade name Lada.
Avtonom (Russian: Автоно́м) is a Russian Christian male first name. Its feminine version is Avtonoma. The name is derived from the Greek word autonomous, meaning one living by one's own laws.
Avtotor (Russian: Автотор) is an automobile manufacturing company located in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia.
Avtarjeet Singh Dhanjal is an England-based sculptor of Indian origin. As well as a multi-media artist of Indian origin whose work has been shown internationally over four decades, who is nourished by the tension between the cultures of East and West, occupies a singular place in contemporary sculpture.
Avtandil Jorbenadze is a former Prime Minister (then the Minister of State) of Georgia.
Avtar Singh Karimpuri, is an Indian politician of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) from Punjab. He is President of Bahujan Samaj Party Punjab Unit and is ex-Rajya Sabha member.
Avtozavodsky (masculine), Avtozavodskaya (feminine), or Avtozavodskoye (neuter) may refer to:
Avtandil Silagadze (Georgian: ავთანდილ სილაგაძე ) (born on February 5, 1954) Academician of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (2013-), Corresponding Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (2001-2013), Doctor of Economic Sciences (1989), Professor (1990).
Avtandil "Avto" Kopaliani (born 13 June 1982) is a Georgian rugby union footballer, currently playing in the top French professional rugby league, the Top 14, for the Aviron Bayonnais club.

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