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AXA is a French multinational insurance firm headquartered in the 8th arrondissement of Paris that engages in global insurance, investment management, and other financial services.
Axact (Urdu: ایگزیکٹ‎) is a Pakistani software company that runs numerous websites selling fake academic degrees.
Axat (Atsat in Occitan) is a French commune in the Aude department in the Occitanie region of southern France.
Axalta Coating Systems is a coatings company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA that develops and manufactures coatings for light and commercial vehicles, industrial, and refinish applications.
Axar Patel, also spelled as Akshar Patel, (born 20 January 1994) is an Indian cricketer. He plays as an all-rounder for the Gujarat cricket team.
AXA UK plc is part of the AXA group of companies. Its subsidiaries include AXA Insurance, Swiftcover, AXA Commercial and Personal Intermediaries, AXA PPP healthcare, SunLife, AXA Investment Managers and AXA Wealth.
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, formerly The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, also known as The Equitable, or simply AXA was founded by Henry Baldwin Hyde in 1859. In 1991, AXA, a French insurance company, acquired majority control of The Equitable.
AXA PPP healthcare is a UK private medical insurance provider, and is part of the AXA group of companies.
The AXA Equitable Center (originally The Equitable Tower or Equitable Center West) is an American 752-foot (229.3 m)-tall skyscraper, located at 787 Seventh Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets in Manhattan, New York City.
Axayacatl (/ˌæksəˈjɑːkətəl/; Classical Nahuatl: āxāyacatl, Nahuatl pronunciation: [aːʃaːˈjákatɬ]; Spanish: Axayácatl, pronounced: [aksaˈʝakatɬ]; meaning "face of water"; c.

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