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Ayherre (Basque: Aiherre) is a French commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of south-western France.
Ayhan Akman (Turkish pronunciation: [ajhan akman], born 23 February 1977) is a retired Turkish footballer who last played for Galatasaray.
Ayhan Işık (5 May 1929 İzmir - 16 June 1979 Istanbul) was one of the pioneers of the ‘filmmakers cinema' and film actor in Turkey, the most loved Turkish leading actor in the 1950s and 1960s.
Ayhan Çarkın (1962, Erzurum) was a policeman. He was a member of its special forces unit, and says with the sanction of state officials he personally killed 1000 people at the height of the Kurdish–Turkish conflict.
Ayhan Kartal (born Ayhan Korniş, 1966 – March 13, 2000) was a Turkish rapist and child killer. He was stabbed to death by his roommates in a mental hospital.
Ayhan Şahenk (11 June 1929, Niğde – 1 April 2001, İstanbul) was a Turkish businessman and founder of the Doğuş Group.
Ayhan Ulubelen (born 1931) is an analytical chemist and member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences. She has contributed to the isolation and testing of natural products from Turkish plants relevant to spontaneous abortion, cancer, HIV, and diabetes.
Ayhan Karakuş (born October 13, 1989 in Sivas, Turkey) is a Turkish wrestler competing in the 55 kg division of Greco-Roman style.
Ayhan Hikmet was a Turkish Cypriot who was allegedly assassinated by the Turkish paramilitary group TMT.
Ayhan Aydan (1924, Ankara - 19 April 2009, Çeşme, Izmir) was a Turkish opera singer.

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