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Ayta ash Shab (Arabic: عيتا الشعب‎‎; also transliterated Ayta al-Sha'b, Ayta a-Shaab, Ayta ash-Shab or Ayta ash Sha'b') is a small village located in southern Lebanon, about 1 km northeast of the Israeli border.
Aytekin is a Turkish name and may refer to:
Aytzim (meaning "trees" in Hebrew), formerly Green Zionist Alliance, is a New York-based Jewish environmental organization that is a U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit charity.
Ayttm (pronounced "item" or "A-Y-T-T-M") is a multi-protocol instant messaging client. It is the heir of the EveryBuddy project.
Aytos Municipality (Bulgarian: Община Айтос, Obshtina Aytos) is a municipality in Burgas Province, Bulgaria.
Ayton is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Aytos (Bulgarian: Айтос), sometimes written Aitos and Ajtos, is a town located in eastern Bulgaria some 30 kilometers from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and belonging to the administrative boundaries of Burgas Province.
Aytsemnik Urartu (Armenian: Այծեմնիկ ՈՒրարտու) is a notable Armenian sculptor. Born in 1899, she died in 1974, and was buried at Yerevan city pantheon which is situated within the Central Cemetery also known as Tokhmakh cemetery.
Aytaç Durak (born 1938 in Karaisalı, Adana) is a Turkish politician, and has been the mayor of Adana since 1984, excluding one term (1989–1994).
Aythorpe Roding Windmill is a Grade II* listed Post mill at Aythorpe Roding, Essex, England which has been restored to working order.

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