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The Ayyubid dynasty (Arabic: الأيوبيون‎‎ al-Ayyūbīyūn; Kurdish: خانەدانی ئەیووبیان‎ Xanedana Eyûbiyan) was a Muslim dynasty of Kurdish origin, founded by Saladin and centred in Egypt.
Ayyavazhi (Tamil: அய்யாவழி, Malayalam: അയ്യാവഴി Ayyāvaḻi [əjːaːvəɻi], "Path of the Master") is an henotheistic belief that originated in South India.
Ayyappan (Malayalam:അയ്യപ്പന്‍) (Tamil:ஐயப்பன்) (Sanskrit: अय्यप्प) (Kannada:ಅಯ್ಯಪ್ಪ) also known as Dharmasasta, Maṇikandan or Sasta, is a Hindu deity who is the son of Harihara, fused with both Shiva and Vishnu.
Ayyavazhi mythology is the mythology of the growing South Indian religious faith and a sect of Hinduism known as Ayyavazhi.
Ayyappa Nayakan Pettai (also called A.N.Pettai) is a village in Ariyalur district, Tamil Nadu, India.
Ayyavazhi and Hinduism are two belief systems in India. Though Ayyavazhi continues to officially exist within Hinduism and is considered by some observers to be a Hindu denomination, members of the religion claim that it is independent.
Ayyappa Masagi is considered a "Water Warrior" for India. He has helped create countless solutions to India's water scarcity problem and many communities, farms, and towns are now more water efficient through his help and guidance.
There are a good number of publications in Ayyavazhi. Most of them are in Tamil and few in Malayalam and very few in English.
Ayya Vaikundar (c.1810–c.1851; Tamil: அய்யா வைகுண்டர்), also known as Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was a 19th-century social reformer and iconoclast who worked for the upliftment of downtrodden people in the Kingdom of Travancore.
Dr K. Ayyappa Paniker, sometimes spelt "Ayyappa Panicker" (12 September 1930 – 23 August 2006), was an influential Malayalam poet, literary critic, and an academic and a scholar in modern and post-modern literary theories as well as ancient Indian aesthetics and literary traditions.

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