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The meaning of «aza»

Aza or AZA may refer to:
Azad Jammu and Kashmir (Urdu: آزاد جموں و کشمیر‎ Āzād Jammū̃ o Kaśmīr), abbreviated as AJK and commonly known as Azad Kashmir, is a self-governing administrative division of Pakistan.
Azadirachta indica, also known as Neem, Nimtree, and Indian Lilac is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae.
Azathioprine (AZA), sold under the brand name Imuran among others, is an immunosuppressive medication.
Azawad (Tuareg: ⴰⵣⴰⵓⴰⴷ, Azawad; Arabic: أزواد ‎‎) is a territory in northern Mali as well as a former short-lived unrecognised state.
Azazel (/əˈzeɪzəl/), also spelled Azazael (Hebrew: עֲזָאזֵל‎, translit. ʿAzazel‎; Arabic: عزازيل‎, translit.
The Azadi march, also called Tsunami march, (Urdu: آزادی مارچ‎; lit. Freedom march) not to be confused with Pakistan Ehtesab March was the public protest march that held in Pakistan began on 14 August 2014 to 17 December 2014. Organised by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party against Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, over the claims of systematic rigging by PML-N in the 2013 general election.
AZAL PFK (Azerbaijani: AZAL Peşəkar Futbol Klubu) is an Azerbaijani football club based in Şüvəlan, Baku.
Azamat Rymkulov (born (1993-01-09)9 January 1993) is a Kazakhstani male weightlifter, competing in the 62 kg category and representing Kazakhstan at international competitions.
The aza-Diels–Alder reaction converts imines and dienes to tetrahydropyridines. This organic reaction is a modification of the Diels–Alder reaction.

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