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Azfar Hussain (Bengali: আজফার হোসেন) is a Bangladeshi theorist, critic, academic, bilingual writer, poet, translator, and activist.
AZF (French initialism for AZote Fertilisant, i.e. nitrogen fertiliser) was the name of a chemical factory in Toulouse, France, which exploded on 21 September 2001. The blast was equivalent to 20-40 tons of TNT, measuring 3.4 on the Richter scale, and was heard 80 km away (50 miles).
Azfar Rehman is a Pakistani model and actor. He is best known for his role in serials Dugdugi, Ladies Park, Sitamgar, Baityaan, Mehar Bano aur Shah Bano, Noor Pur Ki Rani, Mohabbat Rooth Jaye Toh and Phir Chand Pe Dastak.
Syed Azfar Ali Rizvi is a Canadian documentary filmmaker, journalist, social critic and interfaith activist of Pakistani origin.
Azfar Jafri (Urdu: اظفر جعفری‎) is a Pakistani film director and VFX artist. He is best known for his Independent film Siyaah which earned him a critical recognition and accolades including a nomination of ARY Film Award for Best Director at 1st ARY Film Awards.
Arizona Financial Text System (AZFinText) is a quantitative textual financial prediction system written by Robert P.
KTVK, virtual channel 3 (UHF digital channel 24), is an independent television station located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
AZF is a terrorist group based in France. The first record of the group was in Spring 2004. At this time the group is believed to have taken its name from the explosion of the AZF chemical factory in Toulouse [1] in 2001.
Azoospermia factor (AZF) refers to one of several proteins or their genes, which are coded from the AZF region on the human male Y chromosome.
AZF may refer to:

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