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Baz may refer to:
Bazooka is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and cartoon series.
Bazooka is the common name for a man-portable recoilless anti-tank rocket launcher weapon, widely fielded by the United States Army.
Baz (Syriac-Aramaic: ܒܙ) was a semi-autonomous Assyrian district within Hakkari. It is currently a non-administrative region located in the Hakkâri Province of Turkey.
Mark Anthony "Baz" Luhrmann (/ˈbæz ˈlʊərmən/; born 17 September 1962) is an Australian film director, screenwriter and producer best known for The Red Curtain Trilogy, comprising his romantic comedy film Strictly Ballroom (1992), the romantic drama Romeo + Juliet (1996), and the pastiche-jukebox musical Moulin Rouge!
A bazaar is a permanently enclosed marketplace or street where goods and services are exchanged or sold.
Bazaria polichomriella is a species of snout moth in the genus Bazaria. It was described by Amsel, in 1970. It is found in Afghanistan.
Bazenville Airfield is a former Second World War airfield, located 1.8 km east of Bazenville in the Lower Normandy region, France.
Ruth "Bazy" Tankersley (March 7, 1921 – February 5, 2013) was an American breeder of Arabian horses and a newspaper publisher.
The Bazzocchi EB.1 Littore (English: Lictor) was a one off, Italian single seat trainer glider designed and built by a university student in 1936.

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