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BBDO is a worldwide advertising agency network, with its headquarters in New York City. The agency began in 1891 with George Batten's Batten Company, and later in 1928, through a merger of BDO (Barton, Durstine & Osborn) and Batten Co.
"BBD" (Bad Bitches Doit) is a song recorded by American rapper Azealia Banks for her debut studio album Broke with Expensive Taste (2014).
BBD is the third studio album by R&B group, Bell Biv DeVoe, their first recording since 1993's "Hootie Mack".
BBD is an unreleased Hindi film directed by Anjan Dutt. The film was co-produced by Percept Picture Company and Moxie Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
BBD may stand for:
B.B.D. Bagh (Bengali: বি.বা.দী.বাগ), formerly called Dalhousie Square, is the shortened version for Benoy-Badal-Dinesh Bagh (Bengali: বিনয়-বাদল-দীনেশ বাগ).
Biobreeding rat also known as the BB or BBDP rat is an inbred laboratory rat strain that spontaneously develops autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes.
"B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)?" is a new jack swing song by Bell Biv Devoe. Released as the third single from the album, Poison, it spent one week at number one on the US R&B chart and peaked at number twenty-six on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart.
BBDD may refer to:
BB Doradus or BB Dor is a cataclysmic variable or nova-like star that is a binary star system composed of a red dwarf and a white dwarf.

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