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BBG may refer to:
BBGM is an American architecture and interior design firm. It is based in Washington, DC, and employs about 50 architects and interior designers.
In statistical physics, the BBGKY hierarchy (Bogoliubov–Born–Green–Kirkwood–Yvon hierarchy, sometimes called Bogoliubov hierarchy) is a set of equations describing the dynamics of a system of a large number of interacting particles.
BBG Academy (formerly Birkenshaw Middle School) is a mixed secondary school located in Birkenshaw, West Yorkshire, England.
The British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA) is a non-profit corporation based in the United Kingdom, and is the UK's National Trade Body representing companies operating and trading in the General & Business Aviation Industry.
BB guns are a type of air gun designed to fire spherical metal projectiles similar to shot pellets of approximately the same size.
USS Kentucky (BB-66) was an uncompleted battleship originally intended to be the sixth and final member of the Iowa class constructed for the United States Navy.
The Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) (formerly Bloomberg Global Identifier (BBGID)) is an open standard, unique identifier of financial instruments that can be assigned to instruments including common stock, options, derivatives, futures, corporate and government bonds, municipals, currencies, and mortgage products.
Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc., based in Naples, Florida, is an owner/operator of radio stations in the United States.
HUDF-JD2 (UDF 033238.7 -274839.8 or BBG 3179) is a distant, massive, post-starburst galaxy that was discovered with the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF) image.

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