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BCUBE is a multinational company, operating in integrated logistics services for the Supply Chain Management.
Bcuz of U is a 2004 Filipino romantic film, starring Kristine Hermosa, Diether Ocampo, Heart Evangelista, Geoff Eigenmann, Hero Angeles and Sandara Park.
BCU may refer to:
Birmingham School of Media, known informally as BCU Media, is a school of Birmingham City University in the city of Birmingham, England.
BCUC may refer to:
The Coffs Harbour International Stadium (known as the C.ex Coffs International Stadium under a sponsorship arrangement) is an Australian stadium located in the coastal city of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.
British Coal Utilisation Research Association (BCURA) was founded in 1938, with the first chairman being John G.
The Faculty of Health at Birmingham City University was formed in 1995 by a merger of Birmingham and Solihull College of Nursing and Midwifery, West Midlands School of Radiography and the then University of Central England.
BC UNICS (Russian: БК УНИКС) is a professional basketball club in Kazan, Russia, that plays in the VTB United League and EuroLeague.
Ural Yekaterinburg is a Russian professional basketball team. Formed in 1930 and was restored in 2006. Over the history the team played under different names: Uralmash, SKA-Ural, EvrAz and more.

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