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In numerical analysis, BDDC (balancing domain decomposition by constraints) is a domain decomposition method for solving large symmetric, positive definite systems of linear equations that arise from the finite element method.
BDD may refer to:
Bisdehydrodoisynolic acid (BDDA), as the (Z)-isomer ((Z)-BDDA), is a synthetic, non-steroidal estrogen related to doisynolic acid that was never marketed.
Doisynoestrol (brand names Fenocyclin, Surestrine, Surestryl; former developmental code name RS-2874), also known as fenocycline, as well as cis-bisdehydrodoisynolic acid 7-methyl ether (BDDA ME), is a synthetic, non-steroidal estrogen of the doisynolic acid group that is no longer marketed.
B.D.D. is a hit single by British group The Groundhogs. Standing for "Blind, Deaf, Dumb" and taken from their 1969 Album "Blues Obituary", it was a commercial failure in the UK but made number one in Lebanon.
B.D. is a fictional character in Garry Trudeau's popular comic strip Doonesbury. In the comic strip, nobody is certain what "B.D." is short for (he gives his last name as "D"), but he was based on Brian Dowling, quarterback at Yale University, where Trudeau attended college.
This is a list of digraphs used in various Latin alphabets. Capitalization involves only the first letter (ch becomes Ch) unless otherwise stated (ij becomes IJ).
Broer Doekele (B.D.) Dykstra (November 11, 1871 - March 29, 1955) was a Dutch American pastor, educator, and poet who wrote several books, served as editor of the Volksvriend Dutch-language newspaper, and was a visible member of the Reformed Church in America.
B. D. Devassy is a Communist Party of India (Marxist) politician from Thrissur and Member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly from Chalakudy Assembly Constituency.
BD, Bd or bd may refer to:

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