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Bek or BEK may refer to:
Bekim Abdyl Balaj (born 11 January 1991 in Reç, Shkodër) is an Albanian professional footballer who plays as a striker for FC Terek Grozny in the Russian Premier League and the Albania national team.
The Bektashi Order or the Bektashi Tariqah (Albanian: Tarikati Bektashi; Turkish: Bektaşi Tarîkatı), is a dervish order (tariqat) named after the 13th century Alevi Wali (saint) Haji Bektash Veli from Khorasan, but founded by Balım Sultan.
Bekesbourne railway station serves the villages of Bekesbourne, Bishopsbourne, Littlebourne and Patrixbourne in Kent, England, and is located between Canterbury East and Dover Priory.
Bekim Kuli (born 19 September 1982 in Kavajë) is an Albanian footballer who currently plays for Bylis Ballsh in the Albanian Superliga.
Bekasi (Indonesian: Kota Bekasi) is a city in West Java, Indonesia, located on the eastern border of Jakarta within the Jabodetabek metropolitan region, as such it serves as a dormitory and factory city for Jakarta.
Bekker Port (Estonian: Bekkeri sadam) is a seaport situated in Kopli, Tallinn, Estonia, located on the northeastern coast of the Kopli Bay (part of the Tallinn Bay).
Bekirli (also Bekirli Köyü) is a köy (village) in Biga district of Çanakkale Province, Turkey. Bekirli lies on the Kemer Road (Kemer Yolu), the north-south road between the village of Otlukdere and the coastal village of Kemer, and the bypass lies to the east of the village.
In physics, the Bekenstein bound is an upper limit on the entropy S, or information I, that can be contained within a given finite region of space which has a finite amount of energy—or conversely, the maximum amount of information required to perfectly describe a given physical system down to the quantum level.
Beki and the Bullets is a rock band from Melbourne formed by ex members of The Mavis's and Junkatique, Beki Thomas and Nick Gill.

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