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Gödel's incompleteness theorems are two theorems of mathematical logic that demonstrate the inherent limitations of every formal axiomatic system containing basic arithmetic.
Bewitched is an American television sitcom fantasy series, originally broadcast for eight seasons on ABC from September 17, 1964, to March 25, 1972. It was created by Sol Saks under executive director Harry Ackerman, and starred Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York (1964–1969), Agnes Moorehead, and David White.
Bewsey and Whitecross is a ward to the west of the town centre of Warrington, England (and includes much of the town centre).
Bewdley ( pronunciation) is a small riverside town and civil parish in the Wyre Forest District of Worcestershire, England, along the Severn Valley a few miles to the west of Kidderminster and 22 miles south west of Birmingham.
Beware the Batman is an American computer-animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman.
Bewakoofiyaan (English: Stupidities) is a 2014 Indian romantic comedy film directed by Nupur Asthana, written by Habib Faisal and produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films.
Beware Passage is a strait or channel in the Central Coast region of British Columbia, Canada, between Harbledown (SE) and Turnour Islands.
Bewl Valley Sailing Club (BVSC) is a sailing dinghy and windsurfing club that has approximately 920 full members (1,400 capacity), but is currently in insolvency administration and is inactive.
Bewakoof.com is an online fashion and lifestyle brand based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Founded in 2012, the brand caters to apparel and accessory categories including joggers, hoodies, pyjamas, t-shirts, dresses, mobile covers and jeans.
Beware of Blondes is a 1928 American silent drama film directed by George B. Seitz.

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