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Qaanaaq Airport (Greenlandic: Mittarfik Qaanaaq) (IATA: NAQ, ICAO: BGQQ) is an airport located 1.9 NM (3.5 km; 2.2 mi) northwest of Qaanaaq, a settlement in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northern Greenland.
Big Lake Airport (IATA: BGQ, ICAO: PAGQ, FAA LID: BGQ) is a state-owned public-use airport located one nautical mile (1.8 km) southeast of the central business district of Big Lake, in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough of the U.S.
Qeqertaq Heliport (IATA: PQT, ICAO: BGQE) is a heliport in Qeqertaq, a village on an island off the shore of the Nuussuaq Peninsula in the Qaasuitsup municipality in western Greenland.
The BGM-71 TOW ("Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided") is an American anti-tank missile. TOW replaced much smaller missiles like the SS.10 and ENTAC, offering roughly twice the effective range, a more powerful warhead, and a greatly improved semi-automatic guidance system that could also be equipped with infrared cameras for night time use.
BGC Partners is an American global financial services company based in New York City. Originally formed as part of the larger Cantor Fitzgerald organization, BGC Partners became its own entity in 2004.
BBQ Pitmasters is an American reality television series which follows barbecue cooks as they compete for cash and prizes in barbecue cooking competitions.
B&Q plc is a British multinational DIY and home improvement retailing company, headquartered in Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingfisher plc.
Baqa al-Gharbiyye (Arabic: باقة الغربية‎‎, Hebrew: באקה אל-גרביה, בָּקַה אל-עַ'רְבִּיָּה‎; lit. Baqa West) is a predominantly Arab city in the Haifa District of Israel, located near the Green Line.
The Ground Launched Cruise Missile, or GLCM, (officially designated BGM-109G Gryphon) was a ground-launched cruise missile developed by the United States Air Force in the last decade of the Cold War.
BG Group plc was a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Reading, United Kingdom.

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