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BII may refer to:
Bii (born July 7, 1989) is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and actor, who is active in the sphere of Chinese language influence.
BIIE-0246 is a drug used in scientific research which acts as a potent and selective antagonist for the Neuropeptide Y receptor Y2. It was one of the first non-peptide Y2-selective antagonists developed, and remains among the most widely used tools for studying this receptor.
BIIK Kazygurt (Kazakh: БИІК-Қазығұрт) is a women's football club based in Shymkent, Kazakhstan competing in the Kazakhstani Championship.
Biitamatang Keakea is an I-Kiribati footballer who plays as a Midfielder. He represents Kiribati at international level.
The Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek (formerly known as Rocky Bay First Nation, and occasionally known as Biinjitiwaabik Zaagiing Anishinaabeg) is an Ojibway First Nation band government in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.
BiiN was a company created out of a joint research project by Intel and Siemens to develop fault tolerant high-performance multi-processor computers build on custom microprocessor designs.
This article only covers the basics of Pokémon species. For detailed in-universe information, please refer to dedicated wikis on the subject.
BII Tower is a skyscraper building in Surabaya. It is located at the heart of the city and has a height of 200 m.
Biiko-chan (びいこちゃん) is a three volume manga picture book series created in 1957 by Osamu Tezuka for second year elementary school students.

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