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Bjelovar Synagogue (Izraelitički templ) is a former synagogue in Bjelovar, Croatia that now serves as a home of culture.
Bjelanovac is a village in Croatia. It is connected by the D5 highway.
Bjeloperica is a village in the municipality of Kosjerić, western Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 314 people.
Søren Bjerg (born February 21, 1996), known by his in-game name Bjergsen, is a Danish League of Legends player who is the Mid Laner for Team SoloMid, of the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS).
Bjelovar (Hungarian: Belovár, German: Bellowar, Kajkavian: Belovar) is a city in central Croatia. It is the administrative centre of Bjelovar-Bilogora County.
Bjelašnica (pronounced [bjělaːʃnit͡sa]) is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is found directly to the southwest of Sarajevo, bordering Mt.
Bjelopavlići (pronounced [bjɛlɔ̌paːv̞lit͡ɕi], Serbian Cyrillic: Бјелопавлићи; also known as the Zeta River valley) is a strip of fertile lowland in Montenegro.
Bjesovi (Serbian Cyrillic: Бјесови; trans. The Demons) are a Serbian alternative rock band from Gornji Milanovac.
Bjelosavljevići (Serbian: Бјелосављевићи) is a village in the municipality of Sokolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bjelice (Serbian: Бјелице/Bjelice) is a historical region and tribe of the Katunska nahija of Old Montenegro.

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