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Bljedi Bardic (born January 10, 1992) is a Montenegrin soccer player currently playing for Puerto Rico FC of the North American Soccer League.
Blječeva (Cyrillic: Бљечева) is a village in the municipality of Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bljuštevac (Serbian: Бљуштевац) is a village in the municipality of Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
BLJ may refer to:
Blaçi (Albanian: Blaç, Serbian: Bljač) is a village in the south of Kosovo, in the municipality of Dragaš, located the Opolje region of the Šar Mountains.
Pope Saint John Paul II (Latin: Ioannes Paulus II; Italian: Giovanni Paolo II; Polish: Jan Paweł II), born Karol Józef Wojtyła (Polish: [ˈkarɔl ˈjuzɛv vɔjˈtɨwa]; 18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005), was Pope from 1978 to 2005. He is widely known to Catholics as Saint John Paul the Great, especially in the names of institutions.
Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, T.O.S.F. (8 May 1786 – 4 August 1859), commonly known in English as St. John Vianney, was a French parish priest who is venerated in the Catholic Church as a saint and as the patron saint of parish priests.
Saint José Luis Sánchez del Río (March 28, 1913 – February 10, 1928) was a Mexican Cristero who was put to death by government officials because he refused to renounce his Catholic faith.
Banwari Lal Joshi (born 27 March 1936) is an Indian political figure who was Governor of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh from 2009 to 24 June 2014. He was previously Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi from 2004 to 2007, Governor of Meghalaya in 2007, and Governor of Uttarakhand from October 2007 to July 2009.
Belgium (/ˈbɛldʒəm/; Dutch: België [ˈbɛlɣijə]; French: Belgique [bɛlʒik]; German: Belgien [ˈbɛlɡiən̩]), officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a sovereign state in Western Europe bordered by France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and the North Sea.

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