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BME may refer to:
Body Modification Ezine (BME) is an online magazine devoted to body modification, noted for its coverage of the extreme and fringes of body modification and erotic body play.
BME (Black Market Entertainment) Recordings is an American record label founded by Lil Jon, Rob Mac, Emperor Searcy, and Vince Phillips.
The RCA 474L Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS, "474L System", Project 474L) was a United States Air Force Cold War system of radar, computer, and communications systems that included ballistic missile detection radars.
The British Methodist Episcopal Church (BMEC) is a Protestant church in Canada that has its roots in the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) of the United States.
A Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSci, BMedSc, BMSc, BSci(Med)) or Bachelor of Medical Sciences is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for completed courses that generally last for 2–4 years.
A Biomedical Engineering/Equipment Technician/Technologist ('BMET') or Biomedical Engineering/Equipment Specialist (BES or BMES) is typically an electro-mechanical technician or technologist who ensures that medical equipment is well-maintained, properly configured, and safely functional.
British Mediterranean Airways Limited, trading as BMED, was an airline with operations from London Heathrow Airport in England.
The Federal Building, originally the Burroughs Building, was a Cold War military computer systems building on the Ent Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.
The mean effective pressure is a quantity relating to the operation of a reciprocating engine and is a valuable measure of an engine's capacity to do work that is independent of engine displacement.

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