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BML is a three letter acronym that could mean:
BML-190 (Indomethacin morpholinylamide) is a drug used in scientific research that acts as a selective CB2 inverse agonist.
BML Munjal University (BMU) is a not-for-profit initiative offering undergraduate and post-graduate courses in management (MBA & BBA) and undergraduate courses in engineering (BTech) and commerce (BCom (Hons)).
BMLG Records, formerly Republic Nashville, is a record label established in 2009 by Universal Republic Records in New York and Big Machine Records in Nashville.
The Biham–Middleton–Levine traffic model is a self-organizing cellular automaton traffic flow model. It consists of a number of cars represented by points on a lattice with a random starting position, where each car may be one of two types: those that only move downwards (shown as blue in this article), and those that only move towards the right (shown as red in this article).
The Oxted line is a railway in southern England and part of the Southern franchise. The railway splits into two branches towards the south and has direct trains throughout to London termini.
Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School is a high school in Bracebridge, Ontario. It serves approximately 900 students, grades 9 through 12, from Bracebridge and surrounding areas in Muskoka; attached to it is the Bracebridge Sportsplex and the Rene M.
BM Linx was a psychedelic rock group formed in 2005 by Tony Diodore (guitar & violin) with Jonathan Murray (bass), and Andrew Griffith (drums).
Broadcast Markup Language, or BML, is an XML-based standard developed by Japan's Association of Radio Industries and Businesses as a data broadcasting specification for digital television broadcasting.
Boris Levitan (7 June 1914 – 4 April 2004) was a mathematician known in particular for his work on almost periodic functions, and Sturm–Liouville operators, especially, on inverse scattering.

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