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BNB may refer to:
Most of Johann Sebastian Bach's extant church music in Latin —settings of (parts of) the Mass ordinary and the Magnificat— dates from his Leipzig period (1723–50).
Benzyl bromide, or α-bromotoluene, is an organic compound consisting of a benzene ring substituted with a bromomethyl group.
BN Bank ASA, formerly known as Bolig- og Næringsbanken, is a Norwegian commercial bank based in Trondheim with a branch office in Oslo.
B&N Bank (Russian: ПАО "БИНБАНК") - B&N Bank is one of Russia’s largest commercial banks organized as a public joint-stock company under the laws of the Russian Federation.
Basavapatna Narayana Balakrishna Rao (1910–1995) was an Indian surgeon, medical academic, researcher, writer and the president of the Association of Surgeons of India.
The BN Biscuit (or Biscuiterie Nantaise) is a French brand of biscuit, consisting of a filling, such as chocolate, sandwiched between two biscuits.
B. N. Banerjee (1916-2002) was a Bengali speaking Indian lawyer and parliamentarian.
BNP Paribas (French pronunciation: ​[be ɛn pe paʁibɑ]) is an international banking group with a presence in 75 countries.
The BNSF Railway (reporting mark BNSF) is one of the largest freight railroad networks in North America, second to the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) (its primary competitor for Western U.S.

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