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Brian O'Reilly (born 16 February 1988), known professionally as Bry, is an Irish singer/songwriter and online blogger from Dublin.
The British Empire comprised the dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates and other territories ruled or administered by the United Kingdom and its predecessor states.
The British Raj (/rɑːdʒ/; from rāj, literally, "rule" in Hindustani) was the rule of the British Crown in the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947. The rule is also called Crown rule in India, or direct rule in India.
British Columbia (BC) is the westernmost province of Canada, with a population of more than 4 million people located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.
The British Museum is dedicated to human history, art and culture, and is located in the Bloomsbury area of London.
The 14 British Overseas Territories (BOT) are territories under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the United Kingdom.
The British Army is the principal land warfare force of the United Kingdom. The force was initially administered by the War Office from London, which in 1964 was subsumed into the Ministry of Defence.
The British undergraduate degree classification system is a grading structure for undergraduate degrees (bachelor's degrees and integrated master's degrees) in the United Kingdom.
British Airways, often shortened to BA, is the flag carrier and the largest airline in the United Kingdom based on fleet size.
Brisbane State High School (BSHS or often commonly State High or High) is a partially selective, co-educational, state secondary school, located in South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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