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BVE may stand for:
BVE Trainsim (originally Boso View Express) is a Japanese three-dimensional computer-based train simulator.
BVE UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by Beijing BVE Low Altitude Spatial Technology Co., Ltd. (BVE, 北京必威易低空空间技术有限公司), and all of them are unmanned helicopters.
The Federal Constitutional Court (German: Bundesverfassungsgericht; abbreviated: BVerfG) is the supreme constitutional court for the Federal Republic of Germany, established by the constitution or Basic Law (Grundgesetz) of Germany.
For the BVES stock exchange see Salvadoran Stock Exchange
Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu (తెలుగు: బులెమోని వెంకటేశ్వర్లు) (born 8 May 1973 in Charakonda) is an Indian businessman, Chairman and Managing Director of Kushmanv Web Technologies Private Limited.
B. Venkataswamy is an Indian politician and former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu. He was born on 12 May 1935. He has completed his intermediate in St Josephs college(Bangalore).
Banksia verticillata, commonly known as granite banksia or Albany banksia, is a species of shrub or (rarely) tree of the genus Banksia in the family Proteaceae.
Buena Vista is a brand name which was historically often used for divisions and subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company, whose primary studios, the Walt Disney Studios, are located on Buena Vista Street in Burbank, California.
The B Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering was founded in 1960 by professors Boris Ieremievich Verkin, Alexander Galkin, BN Eselson and Igor Dimitrenko.

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