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In the Catholic Church, veneration of Mary, mother of Jesus encompasses various Marian devotions which includes prayer, pious acts, visual arts, poetry, and music devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
A bag valve mask, abbreviated to BVM and sometimes known by the proprietary name Ambu bag or generically as a manual resuscitator or "self-inflating bag", is a hand-held device commonly used to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients who are not breathing or not breathing adequately.
Bert van Marwijk OON (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbɛrt fɑˈmɑrʋɛi̯k], surname isolated: [vɑˈmɑrʋɛi̯k]; born 19 May 1952) is a Dutch football manager who is currently the manager of the Saudi Arabia national team.
Minardi was an Italian automobile racing team and constructor founded in Faenza in 1979 by Giancarlo Minardi.
The Bundesverband Musikindustrie (English: Federal Music Industry Association), or simply BVMI, represents the music industry in Germany.
BVM may refer to:
The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known by their initials BVM, is a Roman Catholic religious institute founded in the United States by Mother Mary Frances Clarke.
The Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes (abbreviated BVMC; in English: Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library (MCDL)) is a large-scale digital library project, hosted and maintained by the University of Alicante in Alicante, Spain.
Mary (Greek: Μαρία, translit. María; Aramaic: ܡܪܝܡ‎, translit. Mariam‎; Hebrew: מִרְיָם‎, translit. Miriam‎; Arabic: مريم‎, translit.
Benjamin Vaughan McCandlish (June 3, 1886 – October 16, 1975) was a United States Navy Flag officer who served as the 36th Naval Governor of Guam and was a recipient of the Navy Cross.

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